(Ali Adams, Wales, United Kingdom (Issue: 1, Paper: 2, PP: 28-44

Quran and Primalogy: Prime Numbers and The Key

الجمعة، 2 يناير 2015 - 0:0


Quran and prime numbers showing how chapter The Key (Al-Fatiha) is to be used to unlock the rest of the Quran, called The Message. • Primalogy which is a new numerology system derived from chapter The Key is introduced to acts as checksum to assure us that we are moving along the right path. There is no reliance on primalogy whatsoever for any the 2012 findings. • Quran and 2012 uncovering a warning from Allah All- Merciful in a 31 repetitions of a single verse in chapter The Merciful (Ar-Rahmaan). The reader can start reading from here if not mathematically inclined.


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