(Sabri Tahboub, Palestine (Issue 1, Paper 8, PP 100-102

Amazing 19 Suras

الخميس، 16 إبريل 2015 - 6:33


Starting from Sura 4, Annisa, and alternating by adding 5 then 7 suras we get a sequence of 19 suras that have  a total of sura numbers equal to the total of aya numbers with sura 57 (the middle sura of the Quran) being the middle of the list. The two totals, 1093, as well as 5, 7 and 19 are all prime numbers.

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رجاء ضرورة الإلتزام بعدم إضافة أي تعليق يمس أو يسيء للأديان أو المعتقدات أو المقدسات, كما نرجو ألا يتضمن التعليق السباب أو أي ألفاظ تخدش الحياء والذوق العام
Another group of suras with Alhadeed in the middle with a total equal to the total of ayas
تعليق: Hatim Zaghloul
الخميس، 16 إبريل 2015 - 14:53
I chose only the suras that have a prime distance from Alhadeed. Surprisingly, above Alhadeed there are only 10 with prime distances. After it there is only one (Alqalam) and it is 11 away. I then chose any suras with primes (I have to play a little till I found the right ones).

The suras are 10, 14, 20, 26, 28, 38, 40, 44, 46, 50, 57, 68,74, 88, 98, 100, 104, 106, 110
The total of the sura numbers is 1121 which is the same as the total of ayas in the suras. 1121 = 19 * 59. Sura Alhadeed, 57, is in the center of the group..
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