(Haifeng Xu, Jiangsu, China (Issue 1, Paper 13, PP-131-264

Connectedness of the Number of Ayas in the Suras of the Quran

السبت، 18 إبريل 2015 - 8:41

The Quran has 114 suras (chapters) of varying lengths. The first chapter, Alfatiha, has 7 ayas (vereses), the second chapter, Albaqara, has 286 verses. The number of ayas per sura generally drops from there to reach around 5 ayas per sura near the end. We intend to study the array of numbers formed by the suras. We will treat the first number as a[0] = 7 and use the notation a[n-1] to denote the number of ayas in sura number n where n is any number from 1 to 114. The resulting array is listed in Appendix A. We show that this array is a connected array.

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