Dr. Hatim Zaghloul, Giza, Egypt

Interesting Fact About Sura Nooh 71

الخميس، 23 إبريل 2015 - 1:3

Sura 71, No oh, is interesting because it is all about prophet Nooh. Many have speculated that the number of letters in it is related to how long Nooh was with his people before the flood. An interesting fact is that it comes at the end of group (hezb) 57 out of 60 groups. By ratios this is exactly the end of 95% of the holy Quran. This correlates precisely with the idea that Nooh spent 950 years of his 1000 years with his people before the flood. Note that in this sura is the last mention of Nooh.
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رجاء ضرورة الإلتزام بعدم إضافة أي تعليق يمس أو يسيء للأديان أو المعتقدات أو المقدسات, كما نرجو ألا يتضمن التعليق السباب أو أي ألفاظ تخدش الحياء والذوق العام
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